8 Jim Morrison Phrases and Song Snippets That Will Inspire Entrepreneurs

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It was the middle of the 60s when Jim Morrison , a young film student, lover of philosophy and poetry, started together with his friends The Doors , one of the most representative bands of the entire revolution of ideas, and for musical course, which occurred at that time.


As recounted in the documentary When You Are Strange , Jim Morrison started The Doors in 1965 and named his band in honor of a fragment of William Blake \’s poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: If the Doors of Perception Were Cleaned of each thing it would appear to man as it is, Infinite. (If the doors of perception were open, everything would be shown to man as it is: infinite).

His musical career, although brief, was one of the most important for the movement of the 1960s . That is why today, we share with you some quotes from Jim Morrison and fragments of his songs in The Doors that will surely inspire you in your day-to-day life.

1. There will never be another like you, there will never be another who can do the things you do.

A fragment of the song Shaman blue\’s that invites you to remember how special you are.

2. Show yourself to your deepest fear; after that fear has no power and you are free.

With this phrase by Jim Morrison reflect on how to face those things that scare you, over time they will make you feel stronger and without ties to go for the goals you want to achieve.

3. Take it easy, take it as it comes.

This fragment of the song Take as it comes contains one of the best lessons you can take in your life: face situations as calmly as possible and as they arise so as not to waste energy on meaningless worries.

4. A hero is someone who rebels or seems to rebel against the facts of existence and seems to conquer them.

In the world of entrepreneurship, revolutionizing and innovating is very important to make a difference and open the way to better ideas.

5. Music is your friend until the end.

In this excerpt from When the music\’s over Jim Morrison recalls the importance of art, especially music, as a source of inspiration for great ideas and as a way to enjoy at any time.

6. No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.

This phrase by Jim Morrison is a way of inviting you to take advantage of your time and live the present to the fullest.

7. The only people that interest me are those who are crazy, people who are crazy to live, crazy to talk, wanting everything at the same time.

To enjoy every moment of your life, be passionate about everything you do, put enthusiasm in each new dream that you start to build.

8. The most important type of freedom is being who you really are.

A phrase by Jim Morrison that invites you to feel happy to be able to choose who you want to be every day.