Arizona\’s Miles Prime is Developing a Music Career of His Own

Phoenix, Arizona is home to high temperatures, but that’s not the only thing that’s ‘hot’ coming out of AZ.

Artist Miles Prime brings a charismatic, ultra-clean & unique approach to rap music, which is attracting a large audience for Miles. 

Arizona is home to artists like Futuristic, Ali Tomineek, Sincerely Collins, J. Rob The Chief, Delly Everyday, Fe’La Iniko, MikeeJ, The Desert Baby, Dann G, & now Miles Prime is making a name for himself like no other. 

Building a solid fan base can take decades of hard work & very few have been successful, but Miles has been able to fast track his growth by staying authentic to himself & letting his fans do all the hard work. 

Starting rapping and performing at the young age of 6, Miles already has 2 decades of experience under his belt. 

Miles’s debut album “Miles Ahead” was released May 7th, 2021 & it has been stealing a ton of attention. His song “Late Night” has raked in over a quarter million streams for the album on that single song on Spotify. 

Miles quickly follows that up with his newest release — CONFRONTATION 101 which was released November 25th, and the music video was shot & produced by the extremely talented Marquel Deljuan. 

Miles Prime plans to continue growing his fan base within the Phoenix area & all over the globe. His sound will be a staple to the Phoenix area for years to come.  

His Instagram showcases his personality, great music & a closer look into his life as an artist.  




Published December 9th, 2021