Arshbro is an Artist Up Next

Arshbro is an artist, a lyricist, a record producer, a father, and an all-around phenomenon. Music has always been an important part of his life, he never really went into it until 2019 when he moved into a house with a musician who was also just getting into producing and mixing.

Opportunities began to rise for me and he finally tapped into the creative side of his personality and let it shine. He released Pull Up along with a music video so people could really get to know Arshbro. Setting the pace, he then released Don’t Leave which remains in the hearts of his most loyal fans to date.

Arshbro’s genre of music is an alternative in every aspect. He doesn’t place himself in any one particular category of music but he dabbles in nearly everything. What I’m most proud of is how quickly he came into the scene and made sure he put himself out there. He tries to involve himself in hip-hop scenes, afrobeat scenes, and so on.

After honing in on his talent, he decided to start his own record label, 211 Records. Since he saw himself as a brand, he believed that expanding that brand would inherently create more opportunities for him. He has dedicated time and effort to learn about producing, mixing, and mastering. So much so that his next release was mostly sound engineered by him. These are skills and talents that he knows will launch his company into unimaginable success.

Since then he has appeared on a magazine publication, he has had multiple International TV appearances HipTV an International TV station based in Nigeria playing his music video is one of the highlights. He has grown immensely in just a couple of years and he attributes that to his hard work and resilient spirit.

His next move is to release his EP which will tell a story of a young man struggling to be successful in a capitalist world that offers more restrictions than opportunities.

With his strong organic growth since he came out with his first single, one can tell that Arshbro is ahead of his time and should very well be one of the greatest artists coming out of Dallas only time will tell.

His latest Single I.D.G.A.F is out on all platforms and also has a video up on YouTube.

ARSHBRO Instagram: @arshbroofficial

Music Video:


Published November 15th, 2021