Best business practices in the food and beverage industry in Mexico are awarded

Large companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs with the best business practices in the food and beverage industry in Mexico were awarded during the second edition of the Goula Awards .

Goula Awards

Ian Hrovatin-Vero Amore

These awards recognize the products, projects and leaders of these industries that promote the well-being of people, create value in the communities to which they belong and protect the environment.

The second edition of the Goula Awards featured the participation of 215 projects from more than 110 companies of entrepreneurs, SMEs and industry leaders. The projects were from 29 states in the country.

Given the sanitary measures, the award was made virtually through a documentary short film that showed the great work of each of the winners to promote change in Mexico. The ceremony was carried out through a live digital format in which consumers, representatives of the food industry, finalists and winners participated.

15 recognitions were awarded in six categories. A multidisciplinary jury of 21 recognized experts in the food and beverage industry in Mexico selected the winners.

David Roldán, CEO and founder of the Goula Awards commented: “We want to contribute our bit for a more evolved food and beverage industry, understanding the challenges of the new times; being transparent and honest with all actors in the industry, society and, above all, with consumers ”.

As a sign of commitment to the industry, strategic alliances were created that allow the participation of various actors to promote and contribute to good practices. An example of this is the participation of the National Association of Manufacturers of Chocolates, Sweets and Similar AC (Aschoco), chaired by Miguel Ángel Sainz-Trápaga Matute, who is part of the panel of 21 experts in the Goula Awards . Sainz-Trápaga expresses that both Aschoco and Goula Awards coincide in the permanent search for the best sustainability practices in the industry.

The winners

  • Food and beverage business environmental impact

1. Best Mexican product or produced in Mexico with the greatest international impact: APEAM-Aguacates de México.

APEAM, AC is the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico. It is the recipient of this recognition for the commercial impact of exporting more than 1 million tons of avocado in one season, but for the cultural impact that avocado has had as a Mexican export product in other countries.

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2. Best entrepreneurial product of the year: Casa Lumbre-Nixta Licor de Elote

Elote Nixta Liquor is produced at the Abasolo Distillery, using as a base tender and ripe cacahuazintle from the high valleys on the slopes of Nevado de Toluca in the State of Mexico, a place where the culture of corn and the ancestral trade of Nixtamal are honored. . A unique versatile liquor to enjoy on the rocks, or in cocktails.

1- Best sustainable product or brand: Campo Vivo

They offer a wide catalog of quality organic products made in Mexico. Through the promotion of ecological, sustainable and fair trade practices that benefit hundreds of producers throughout the country.

2. Best ecological packaging: Grupo Bimbo- Bimbo sustainable packaging

Innovation in sustainability with the incorporation of compostable and biodegradable packaging for all products with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint. The goal is that, by 2025, they will all be recyclable, compostable and / or biodegradable.

1. Best product in forcing national traditions: Campo Vivo- Campo Vivo organic corn and tortilla chips

White and blue corn tostadas and chips are products made with organic nixtamalized corn, grown by the Marku cooperative, in the region of the Purépecha plateau in Michoacán. Protecting the ancestral varieties of chalqueño, purepecha, mushito and blue cone corn. In addition to the preservation of the Mexican heritage.

Manuel Cruz-Nekutli. Photo: Courtesy

2. Best product to promote the economic development of a locality: Nekutli-Syrup of living agave.

Rescue the economic activity of two towns in Jalisco that lost their source of income due to the ban on pulque for health reasons with a new sustainable and nutritious product.

1. Best superfood product of the year: Vero Amore-Organic Açaí Pulp

Açaí is one of the most antioxidant fruits in the world and is rich in vitamins A and B, Omegas 3, and minerals. Vero Amore\’s açaí is 100% natural, with no added sugar, it offers the highest quality and competitive price in Mexico.

2. Best product based on price-quality-nutrition: La Costeña-La Costeña Whole Beans

It is difficult to innovate with a product as traditional and iconic in Mexico as beans. This product manages to balance quality and price.

3. Best unprocessed product based on price-quality-nutrition: The Kampachi Company-King Kampachi

Fish of the Seriola rivoliana species raised and produced in a closed cycle in La Paz, Baja California. It has certifications such as Ikejime Quality and Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

4. Best infant nutrition product: Sweet bites the perfect snack-Sweet bites

Sweet bites is a snack for children that uses the freeze-drying process, through which all the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit are preserved.

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  • Industry-leading transparency and image

1. Better communication of the nutritional values of a product: NEKUTLI-VITAL ICE organic ice creams

It is the only ice cream that complies with the organic products law in Mexico. No artificial colors, flavors or ingredients, added with organic soluble agave fiber and sweetened with organic syrup fiber.

2. Best packaging design: Grupo Altex-Lechugas EVA

It consists of a clam packaging made with 100% recyclable PET with a convenient design for the commercialization and consumption of hydroponic lettuces.

1. Leader in creation-implementation of programs for the care of the environment: EcomMx

Its Zero Emissions project consists of collecting used vegetable oil to prevent it from contaminating the water and transforming it into nutritious food for livestock. The resulting feces are used as fuel.


German Santillán in Chocolate Oaxacanita. Photo: Courtesy.

2. Leader in creation-implementation of social programs: Oaxacanita semi-bitter table chocolate.

This company works with indigenous communities of the Oaxacan Mixteca through a productive chain that goes from the sowing of cocoa to the sale of chocolate. It is the only chocolate shop in the country internationally recognized for its social impact.

4. Leader in creation-implementation in programs with a favorable impact on nutrition: EcomMx-Banana jam with chocolate

This food bank relies on a network of donors to transform discarded food into new quality products for its community kitchens.

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