Built From Stone Releases his new Single “Lust” and it Gives Rest to Your Soul

Built From Stone has absolutely taken over the music business with the release of his fresh new EP. This EP has three tracks. An instant hit was made with one of the tunes.

Streaming figures for “Lust” have shattered previous records on all major streaming services. Built From Stone has been thrown into the spotlight, leaving him floundering.

Built From Stone has always had a soft spot for music. He showed early signs of musical prowess as a baby. He has a keen sense of what his followers want and need. As a consequence, his music is tailored to the tastes of the individual who is listening to it.

The EP’s release was handled by Rumor Records. Rumor Records and Built From Stoneworked together to create a masterpiece in the form of “Lust,” which was the culmination of their collaboration. As the title says, the music is purely Lust.

Check out “Lust” on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3LSEzxh6gIkztLqfnWbxsG

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Published December 2nd, 2021