CEO, Recording Artist, and the Many Other Hats Worn by Chicago’s Gustavo Bands

A career as a recording artist and one as an entrepreneur in the music industry are both complex tasks in their own right. Doing both at the same time seems to be a near-impossible feat. This is what the life of Gustavo Bands entails.

With around a decade worth of experience working in some capacity in the music industry, the multi-faceted Gustavo Bands is finally ready to share his debut full-length project with the world – along with much, much more.

Born and raised in Calumet City, Illinois, Gustavo Bands has gone on to now rep both his hometown and the south side of Chicago. The artist is referred to as “a high-ranking representative of the 147th/Sibley Blvd area” and has made a point to help local artists from the early days of his career in the industry.

When he first began to make a name for himself around ten years ago, Gustavo Bands was helping hopeful Chicago artists with their songwriting and creative development while also pursuing his own artistic career. 

Gustavo Bands became dedicated to his own rap career when he was only 15 years old. In grade school, he would make beats on the lunchroom table for his friends to rap over. By high school, he was recording songs in his friends’ makeshift closet studio.

As the years went on, Gustavo Bands began to cross paths with and surround himself with like-minded individuals looking to make their music dreams come true. “Over time, I just got better and met more people who actually took making music seriously,” he shares. “Before I knew it, I had developed my owned sound, and here I am.”

As his music began to gain traction in Chicago, Gustavo Bands took a bigger step into the industry’s business side. Now, he operates as CEO for his own record label: ThurlBred Entertainment. In this position, he is able to give more back to the artists in his community who are dedicated to making a name for themselves. 

Along with his other endeavors, Gustavo Bands recently released the single “Street Lights,” which shows the rapper and his trap-pop style at their finest. Ready to show more of his music to the world, not only is Gustavo Bands going to release his debut full-length project, but he has also teased the release of a trilogy of EPs. With this large of a release, Gustavo bands is showing the music industry that he not only has the talent to make a name for himself but, even more impressively, the determination and work ethic. 

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Published November 16th, 2021