Chase Away Your Restlessness with Chubbs View\’s \Restless Soul\

The beginnings of house music may be found in a variety of places. Some consider Miami to be the origin of house music since it has several parties throughout the year. Others may disagree. Whatever the setting, listening to Chubbs View’s new song “Restless Soul” may transport us back in time. Through the music, listeners are transported back in time to experience the originals.

Chubbs, a relative newbie to music creation, has established himself by giving his fans exactly what they want. Everyone wants a fresh perspective, a distinct approach to music. Chubbs defies convention by exposing his natural form. Fans weren’t sure what to make of it at first, but they’ve grown to appreciate the majesty of “Restless Soul.”

The original musical style is honored in “Restless Soul.” However, it is not a note-for-note replication of what has come before; rather, it respects the records of the past while putting Chubbs’ unique spin to them. As a consequence, while retaining the spirit of dance music, the music is pleasurable, engaging, and calming to listen to.

You may listen to Chubbs’ new song here:

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Published January 6th, 2022