Crypto One Lays his Emotions and Thoughts Bare with new Track “Emotional One”

Crypto One’s current song, “Emotional One,” is breaking streaming records all over the world. After the song became an immediate hit, Crypto’s career took off. Fans have flocked to him and his great music from all around the world.

Crypto has been a music enthusiast since he was a youngster, growing up in the thick of the house music scene. He has witnessed the flow of music shift and adapt during his time in the music industry. As a result, he has a comprehensive grasp of how music works and influences people. To the greatest extent possible, this is expressed in his music.

“Emotional One” is a brand-new song that was published recently. Everyone was taken aback by the music, which defied all expectations. After listening to it, you will feel completely energized. It’s remarkable how much a simple restart can change everything.

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Published December 1st, 2021