Elementor Gives a Nod to Web Professionals with a Multi-Channel Web Creators Campaign

Elementor, the leading coding-free WordPress website builder is paying tribute to the essential contribution of web creators in building the internet the world gets to enjoy with a web creator campaign. This initiative aims to rally and inspire professionals working in the field of web creation with video and grassroots social media engagement.

The open-source website building platform launches a tribute campaign in recognition of the work done by the diverse web creator community the company has worked with across 150 countries. Elementor refers to web creators as the “unsung heroes” responsible for designing and building the digital world.

“From the early days of the internet, it was the web creators who built a new world we could inhabit online,” says Elementor’s Vice-President for Marketing Yam Regev.

“At Elementor we believe it’s time for this vital workforce to take center stage and take pride in their profession and the huge impact they have on the world as we know it,” Regev adds. The intention is not only to praise and inspire but also to empower the world’s creative professionals in the digital online field.

The campaign consists of a video, a new site dedicated to web creators, as well as a survey among web creators. The survey is particularly notable for showing the rosy outlook for the field of web creation in spite of the pandemic.

Glowing prospects for web creation

Elementor conducted a survey in collaboration with getWizer to check on the situation of the web creation profession. One noteworthy detail revealed by the survey is the increase in demand for web creators’ services even in the midst of the pandemic.

Nearly 7 in every 10 of the respondents said that they experienced a surge in demand for their services since the coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, some 8 in every 10 said they expect the demand for web creation services to grow in the next five years.

The survey also found that 67 percent of web creators are in the millennial or Gen Z category. Around half of the millennial respondents said that web creation is their bread and butter. Younger job seekers appear to be drawn to fulfilling positions as web creators and are also proud of the work they do. The survey found that 78 percent of web creators are elated in being called as such, while 80 percent of the millennial respondents of the survey said that their families support their chosen career path.

The web creation field is growing and it is slowly establishing itself as a viable career option for the world’s younger workforce. It makes sense for Elementor to celebrate the work done by web creators over the years as they built the internet in a form that is not only usable but also beautiful and intuitive.

Who runs the web world? Apparently web creators do

Elementor released a creative-action-filled video that serves as the centerpiece of the campaign. This playful video shows glimpses of the different people working in web creation in a fun but meaningful way. While girls may be running the world according to a Beyonce meme, the video says that web creators are the ones running the web world.

The thoroughly-produced video stresses the importance of the web creators who are often unacknowledged. These professionals working in web creation may be regular-looking, but they have multi-layered skills to respond to the challenges and needs “to create a pixel-perfect world.” Coming from the design, development, marketing, and other related fields, they create new web realities day by day for the benefit of the world’s internet users.

The offbeat video shows people with different personalities and attitudes working passionately in their respective web creation specializations. Web creators may be ordinary people riding the bus, working in their basement, or arguing with colleagues over project decisions, but they all contribute to the web realities everyone gets to enjoy at present.

Online web creators’ community

The YouTube video is deemed as a conversation starter, which makes people see and appreciate web creators in a fun but poignant way. The video then directs audiences to Elementor’s web creators resource site, a part of the official Elementor website devoted to providing useful resources to web creators.

Elementor offers a downloadable single ZIP file that contains icons, virtual backgrounds, and other useful resources for web creators. It also features an online community where web creators can learn new skills, improve their proficiency, collaborate with other professional creators, and contribute to the community. Additionally, the resource site features success stories from web creators.

Moreover, there is a blog section, which features a host of topics of interest to anyone involved in web creation, especially those who use Elementor. The posts in the blog include guides and tutorials, lists, recommendations, and insights for aspiring web creators.

Making web creators feel their worth

It may appear ironic for Elementor to celebrate the work of web creators when the company is offering an open-source WordPress website building platform that makes it easy for anyone to build their websites without the need to learn technical skills. However, Elementor makes it clear that it is not offering an intuitive website builder to send professional web creators out of work.

The company offers something supplemental, which eases the burden of building and running websites, especially those intended for e-commerce, so web creators can focus on more complex tasks and spend more of their time exploring their creativity and implementing their ideas faster.

As the video says, web creators run the web world. They are not the ones made to run at the pleasure of whimsical and impossible-to-please clients. Their work is not to be taken for granted and their roles are unlikely to face obsolescence in the near future.

Published November 25th, 2021