Enjoy the Peaceful Environment That Music can Provide Through Itzel Rivera’s New Track “Meditate”

“Meditate,” Itzel Rivera’s newest track, has created quite a buzz on the Internet. Fans of the genre are ecstatic about how fantastic the song is. Itzel’s ability to write music of this caliber demonstrates her skill.

Itzel can provide us with a fresh viewpoint on house music. It’s something we’ve never heard in other performers’ songs. Her unique melodic and musical composition approach delivers a unique listening experience for her admirers. Anyone who hears her music is blown away by how amazing the songs are.

Itzel Rivera’s most recent hit was created by Rumor Records. Rumor Records has gone above and beyond to maximize the track’s potential. When you listen to the music, you can hear their efforts.

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Listen to “Meditate” here:


Published November 18th, 2021