Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances and ShipperBee, talks about the qualities successful entrepreneurs share and how to lead during the current global crisis.

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Jim Estill is the CEO of both Danby Appliances, specializing in refrigeration appliances, and ShipperBee, a package delivery system. Estill talks with #ThePlaybook host David Meltzer about entrepreneurism and charity.

Estill discusses the personality traits that serve entrepreneurs, including nonconformity, high energy and high drive, single-mindedness and a desire to prove naysayers wrong.

Estill also talks about the importance of failure, recommending entrepreneurs fail often, quickly and without too great a financial loss.  

Estill describes his relationship to money and wealth as contrary to the norm, electing to give away anything more than he needs for security and retirement. He directs his charitable giving to organizations that have impact by providing for people’s base needs and by helping level economic inequities to make communities safer for all.

Estill talks about leading during the current pandemic and how he has reassured his employees that the company has their backs.  

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