Florida’s Tyler Trappy is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Born in Orlando, Florida, 23-year-old hip hop artist and creative Tyler Trappy has an interesting story that brings more to the table than meets the eye. Tyler was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) from an early age. Despite the challenges he faces with ASD, the artist’s music has become popular ever since he caught fire back in 2017.

Tyler Trappy recently released ‘Head Honcho’, a gritty bar for bar song that features the creatives unique style and flow. The song offers an upbeat, 808 heavy listen, with lyrics about getting to the money no matter what it takes.

Trappy explains that he isn’t willing to let anything hold him back from elevating. The rising artist made his debut to all major streaming platforms this year with this song.

Tyler Trappy has been busy in 2021, releasing a handful of singles. The artist says he has big plans for 2022 and will be looking to release even more music in the new year.

You can listen to ‘Head Honcho’ here:


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Published December 31st, 2021