Former Child Star Kaile Goh on Current Inspiration

Just as a person changes with age, an artists’ motivation shifts with growth. Kaile Goh, originally from Singapore and now living in Los Angeles, has experienced much change in her long stint in the public eye. From the age of ten, she has been working professionally as an artist and model and understands how inspiration drives one’s work.

In a personal interview, she spoke about her greatest influences in creating. “I get inspired by moves and random things. But I’d say I write a lot about love and not being loved. Am I loved? I write a lot about my family too” Kaile explains about her music.

Currently looking for a new producer to help bring her music to fans, she has been focusing on the release of her last six songs over the course of this year. Kaile relates, “I have plenty of demos and songs that are done but not recorded.”

According to Kaile, her music takes the form of a “Sad, complicated, and personal” style that is aimed at connecting to feelings within her fans. The growth and maturation Kaile has experienced over the years shows in her recent projects and is sure to push her to the next level as she continues to pursue her passion.

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Published December 30th, 2021