Four Women Under 30 Leading In FinTech 2022

These women are changing the financial landscape in fascinating ways, all before the age of 30. From the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance list:

1. Weav Cofounder and CTO, Ambika Acharya, 27

Acharya cofounded Weav, a fintech startup offering an API for commerce platforms, allowing companies to access their customers’ transaction data in real time. This can include sales data for small businesses, helping lenders assess their risk. Brex was Weav’s first customer, and acquired the company for $50M in August 2021.

2. FarmRaise Cofounder and COO, Sami Tellatin, 29

Tellatin has an MBA/MS from Stanford and a background in soil health, farm systems, and grant writing. These things combine in FarmRaise, a startup that automates the process for farmers to apply for federal grants and loans, shrinking down an eight-form, three-hour application process to 17 minutes. FarmRaise has 250 paying customers and expects to reach $1 million in annualized revenue by the end of 2022.

3. Iron Fish Founder and CEO, Elena Nadolinski, 29

Where Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 recession, Nadolinski launched Iron Fish following the 2020 pandemic. She recognized that in a world run by digital payments, privacy must be at the forefront. Iron Fish is working on privacy technology that can be digitally wrapped around any cryptocurrency, and will be launched publicly soon.

4. 21Shares Cofounder and President, Ophelia Snyder, 29

Snyder wanted crypto investing to be easy enough for anyone to use. Her company, 21Shares, is now valued at $700M. It offers ETPs (exchange-traded products) made up of cryptocurrency baskets. The 21Shares Bitcoin ETP is traded on one of Europe’s largest exchanges, and customers don’t have to worry about managing crypto wallets. In October, Snyder filed with the SEC for what could be the first Bitcoin ETF.