Grace the Martyr Maintains Respect For His Atlanta Roots Through His Music

Nowhere innovates like Atlanta. Many cities have attempted and tried to coin themselves as the “New Atlanta,” but none have succeeded, as the Georgia city continues to dominate regional airwaves.

Perhaps the biggest draw to native artist Grace The Martyr is that he delivers fresh ideas of the new without losing key elements of what one might consider the “old Atlanta.”

His sound is innovative yet classic in ways reminiscent of a day before his city’s domination of hip hop. A true poet at heart, Grace The Martyr performs with the same tenacity that garnered attention to ATL, to begin with.

He pulls inspiration from places familiar while still taking them to his new personal heights. With time to flourish like he’s been doing, Grace The Martyr has the potential to etch his name in the rap game forever beyond just his city.

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Published November 21st, 2021