How Sam Howard is Helping Others Find Peace and Financial Freedom

Sam Howard’s life hasn’t exactly gone by the book. Before stepping into the field of finance, Howard was convinced he would be playing soccer professionally for the rest of his life. After two chronic knee injuries shortened his time on the field, it was time the young man changed his thoughts and career path.

Coming back from a knee disease and surgery involving a late blood clot isn’t something easily drawn up, but it’s been a defining part of Howard’s story.

Despite not being able to pursue a career as a professional athlete, Sam Howard knew he had a passion for helping others and wanted to play a role in changing other people’s lives. After an initial interview, Howard followed his passion into finance. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people but didn’t know where I belonged,” explained Howard.

“When I interviewed with my company I work for now, I couldn’t believe that this industry is 100% about helping your client and the people around you. And in return, you will be rewarded! I cannot think of a better industry to be a part of!”

Being able to help others has given Howard purpose in his career, finding his work very rewarding. “Whether it’s making sure that if something happens to a family member, that family is taken care of, or providing someone with an opportunity when they are lost and don’t know which direction to go for a career, like me,” said Howard.

Rather than assume where a client needs to go, Howard takes the time to actually listen to his clients’ needs. “I go into every appointment trying to understand my clients’ situations and finding out their goals in life,” explained Howard. “I ask them lots of questions and relate to them. I think they can see my heart is in the right place!”

Howard has big visions for his future, hoping to one day become a managing partner with Integrity while helping hundreds of people each year in whatever way he can.

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Published November 13th, 2021