How Success Happened for Destiny Snow, CEO of SnowGlam Collection

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After grossing over $65,000 in revenue in a single day, 17-year-old entrepreneur Destiny Snow is showing her peers that anything is possible.

Destiny Snow

Destiny Snow is the CEO of SnowGlam Collection, a beauty company that helps women feel glamorous. Her inspiration to become an entrepreneur came from her mother. As a child, Snow grew up watching her mother successfully own and operate several businesses, and it was a great source of inspiration for her to become an entrepreneur.

In May of 2019, Snow finally decided to take action and start her own company. She spent months researching and planning on the perfect niche and product that she was passionate about. After many frustrating and exciting months, Snow launched her company in November. She created her website, found vendors and even created marketing flyers. The budget was a mere $600, but she made it work, spending it on inventory, product labels and packaging.

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On November 27, 2019, Snow’s website went live. She launched her online store and to her surprise, business was extremely slow. She anticipated her friends and family rushing to buy what she was selling, but that wasn’t the case. Their lack of support discouraged her, but as Snow grew as an entrepreneur she realized they were not her target audience. After two months of generating 10-20 sales per month, she decided to take a break from her business altogether. This break would allow her to analyze her day-to-day operations and come up with better solutions to run her business more efficiently.  

Her days were consumed with the not-so-standard stuff you would see other 17-year-olds doing. She watched countless marketing videos, reviewed success stories, read business articles and ordered piles of business books. Over time, she was able to figure out where her marketing strategy was going wrong. She realized she needed to be able to identify her target audience. Snow’s audience was built solely off of the people that she knew, friends and family. She learned that to truly scale a company, you have to win the hearts and minds of total strangers.

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Snow was able to take everything that she learned and put it to good use. After rebranding her entire website in September of 2020, she decided to take a risk and invest in marketing her business. She started with an Instagram promotion with The ShadeRoom. This life-changing move made a total of $30,000 from this promotion within 90 days. Being that her mother is a successful entrepreneur, these early wins allowed her to believe that she could follow in — and maybe even surpass — her footsteps.

This gave Snow the confidence she needed to keep going. After a few more months of consistent sales and returning customers, she decided it was time to invest in her marketing again. In June of 2021, Snow paid Ari Fletcher for an Instagram story promotion, which included a video of her using SnowGlam Collection’s Luxury Diamond Flat Iron, SnowGlam Collection’s Instagram tag and a swipe-up link to the site.

Due to Fletcher\’s high demand for promotions, Snow made sure her marketing strategy included promoting her Luxury Diamond Flat Iron collection. She even gifted her hairstylist a flat iron and she would send Tik Toks and videos of her using the product on different clients.

In August, Snow was in the grocery store and she got a phone notification that Ari Fletcher had just tagged her in a story post. No less than a minute after this happened, her phone started blowing up with Shopify order notifications.

As the day ended Snow made a total of over $65,000 and her business page gained over 3,000 new followers. The next day, she announced this information on her Instagram platform. After doing so, her sales doubled. Within three months of the Instagram promotion with Ari Fletcher, SnowGlam Collection was able to achieve over $350,000 in revenue. 

SnowGlam is now worth over $670,000 — all from social media marketing.

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