How to raise capital being an entrepreneur? This expert teaches you how to get financing for your startup

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The entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot be understood without the complex group of investors who bet on startups . This group of investors is as diverse as the financing schemes they manage, complicating their understanding. In order to help entrepreneurs get resources to grow, the launch of the virtual academy was announced, the name of which says it all: \’ How to raise capital \’.

The platform was created by Claudio Barahona , former CEO of Wayra Chile and current managing partner of Alaya Capital . With more than 12 years of experience in the Venture Capital industry, he has helped raise investment to renowned Latin American startups such as Poliglota, U-Planner, ComunidadFeliz, Webdox, Simpliroute, the Colombian Backstartup and Houm, which just closed a round for 35 million euros. dollars with an American background.

\I have met many entrepreneurs who seek to raise capital for their company and believe they are ready to do so, but they really are not and they make huge mistakes that sometimes can even mean the failure of their startup,\ Barahona said in a statement.

We launched !
Many #startups asked me for tips to raise #venturecapital , so in a pandemic we were motivated to do these online courses, with templates, real cases and videos, to help entrepreneurs in their #fundraising Spread! 🙂

– Claudio Barahona (@ClauBarahona) December 1, 2021 is the first educational approach initiative in the Spanish language to guide those who seek investors for their projects. Through a series of audiovisual courses, students learn from the essential elements to the tools and material they must prepare to present a pitch about their startup.

“Every day we see that there are Latin American startups announcing financing rounds and more than one entrepreneur thinks that it is something that seems easy to achieve, but it is not. Raising capital with an investor is extremely complex ” , added the creator of the platform. \First, the entrepreneur must know what he needs the money for, how much he needs and above all, be prepared to seek investment,\ he said.

How to take the courses to learn how to raise capital?

The first of the two courses available on is completely free and is titled \’The 5 secrets of the investor\’ . In it, Barahona details the main elements to take into account to obtain financing, from some tips to speak with an investor, to how to present your financial and growth information.

“There are no unique recipes for obtaining investment, but some keys that are fundamental for success must be taken into account, such as knowing very well which venture capital might be interested in, what it invests in and how they can earn together, bearing in mind that this It is very similar to a marriage, because by making a good match, both parties will work together to achieve good results ” , says the founder of How To Raise Capital .

At we will teach all the materials that the entrepreneur must prepare before speaking with an investor. From the Pitch Deck to the Excel, we help you prepare everything in great detail. The entrepreneur will be bulletproof for his VC round

– Claudio Barahona (@ClauBarahona) December 4, 2021

To access the second course, students must make a single payment, with which they will have access to 11 class modules. These include templates for the pitch , the financial excel and all the documents that an entrepreneur must present to his potential investor, as well as the creation of the business model and the finances of your company .

The platform pointed out that in the coming months more courses will be added with topics of great interest: tips for negotiating with the investor, how to carry out the capital raising process to obtain the best conditions, or legal tips for the success of a startup.

\We cannot guarantee that a startup will raise investment after taking the course, since that depends on other factors, but we can affirm that everything they learn in these courses are key steps and useful tools to be prepared to obtain financing,\ he concluded Claudio Barahona.