Is it safe to meet with family?

With Thanksgiving just one week away, many Americans are wondering if it’s safe to meet up with their families. While U.S. health authorities urged people not to travel for Thanksgiving in 2020, what do they say about traveling for Thanksgiving in 2021?

The good news is earlier this week Dr. Anthony Fauci made gave some comments on the matter that is sure to bring a sigh of relief to millions of Americans – well, the ones who have been fully vaccinated. Here’s what Fauci said about traveling to and gathering with your family this holiday season (per ABC News):

“If you get vaccinated and your family’s vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical Thanksgiving, Christmas with your family and close friends…when you’re with your family at home, goodness, enjoy it with your parents, your children, your grandparents. There’s no reason not to do that.”

Great to hear, right? However, Fauci did still urge sensible precautions due to the high level of delta COVID-19 cases in the U.S. He said people should still wear masks in public spaces (such as when shopping at a mall, for example) and around groups of people indoors.

Fauci’s precautions mirror the latest advice from the CDC regarding safe ways to celebrate the 2021 holidays. Those include:

  • Get fully vaccinated to protect yourself and young children who may not be vaccinated yet.
  • Avoid crowded spaces that are poorly ventilated.
  • Always wear masks in public indoor settings if you are not fully vaccinated (and if you are vaccinated, still wear a mask if rates of local cases are high).

You can read the CDC’s full holiday celebration tips here.