Its Your Babysitter’s New Single “Restless Soul”

Over the last two weeks, the internet has been buzzing. According to sources, Ashleigh Skies aka Its Your Babysitter has released a new song. As a consequence of the song, her popularity has soared. On social media, everyone is thinking about the same thing. And I’m reminded of the expression “Restless Soul.”

“Restless Soul” convinces Ashleigh’s fans that she is capable of pursuing both a modeling and a musical career. She has the ability to make both of her jobs work, and she excels at both. This dedication and hard effort, as seen by her music, has culminated in a delightful experience.

Rumor Records performed admirably. They haven’t spent any money on the creation or mastering of the single. This has produced a track that is both delightful to listen to and commercially successful. In the future, we’d want to hear more of Ashleigh’s music.

You can keep up with her on Instagram:

Listen to her new track “Restless Soul”:

Published November 22nd, 2021