Jason Capital Answers All of Your Questions on How to Maximize Return on Social Media

Jason Capital is an entrepreneur from West Bloomfield, Michigan. He is a high-income expert and business consultant, and is well-known as the author of the best-selling book Higher Status

Jason is recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House. He is a guest contributor to Forbes and has been featured in many publications, including Entrepreneur, CNBC, TIME, and Money Magazine.

After first finding success with a basketball handling course, Jason Capital began an online dating course. The dating coaching was a success, earning him a seven-figure income. Within nine months, he became a self-made millionaire at 24 years old. 

Now, Jason Capital is helping other entrepreneurs make more money through online marketing by applying his high-income skills. He has expanded into business coaching and consulting for professionals, and assisting young and upcoming business-minded people with pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurial success online.

Jason Capital has helped and coached professional athletes, best-selling authors, Navy SEALS, Hollywood actors, and Fortune 500 executives. He encourages young people to seek out mentors and top-notch professionals, who can help them advance to the next levels in their careers. 

Tell us about Defining Moments

Defining Moments are times when you were called on to fight, lead, or you were challenged. Those were your defining moments. If you can encapsulate those defining moments into a story, that’s going to be a really relatable, humanizing, connecting type of thing that you can use to connect with your audience online. But you have to include details. You have to engage your audience.

Brainstorm your own defining moments and write them down. What is one time in your life where your back was up against the wall? You were being called on to step up or die.

For most people in your audience, they’re going to relate to your struggle. The tendency when you’re producing and expressing yourself on camera, is you want to gloss over the bad parts so you can talk about how cool you are. When you talk about how cool you are, that’s when your audience usually tunes out, and it’s when you’re talking about the struggle that they’re much more interested. Just like these defining moments when you were called on to fight, lead, be challenged, whatever, those are the moments.

Those stories of struggle, those moments are assets.  You should tell them and retell them over and over and over again to your audience. It’s better to have 30 that are really good, and you tell those for the next 50 years, than to always be telling different ones.

You’ve said that you’re a believer that you cannot help others until you’ve helped yourself

You really can’t help people unless you are able to help yourself first, because you don’t have anything to give them. 

We did Dan Pena’s Tik Tok, and the video is at something like two and a half million views right now – and he’s just yelling about this idea. You want to save the Brazilian rainforest? You’re not going to save a thing if you’re broke. You need some coin, then you can help people.

What are some great questions you’ve received about maximizing social media use to grow your business?

What is something the current social media does that they are doing incorrectly or that they can do better in a sense? What is something Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok are doing which can be done better, or by a different social media?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing that I think they’re doing right. I think one thing Tik Tok is doing right, we were talking about this yesterday, is when you first start posting on TikTok, even your first few videos will get a lot of views. You might not have bangers, but you’ll get 300 or 400 views on the very first video that you ever post to TikTok. Unlike Instagram, where your first video may get one view, TikTok hooks people in with dopamine by getting a lot of validation really quickly with views. 

There are people’s lives that are destroyed every day by the total lack of support and transparency that Facebook and Instagram give their advertisers, who are the people that are paying their salaries for all their employees. That’s how they make money, through ads. That’s it. So if there was an ad platform that actually supported its advertisers, every advertiser on the planet would be like, “I want to give you all my money.”

So Facebook gets people hooked on really good results at first when it’s easy, then they make it harder and harder and harder. But people are so sunk in already, that they don’t go and look to any other platforms. So there’s all these advertisers on Facebook who they hooked in at the beginning, and then it’s just kind of dogmatic that you’re going to run Facebook ads. The other thing they do really well is it’s really easy to run an ad on Facebook. Now, if you want to go run on GDN like on Google, it’s easy, but it takes more skill. It’s not quite as user friendly. So I think that’s a big part of it too.

The other problem of it though, is that all these platforms get their crazy valuations based on user base. Facebook is worth the most because it has the most users, which means it has the most data. So if you’re Facebook, who do you want to pander to? The advertisers or the 3 billion users? It’s the users. So they keep choosing users over advertisers, and advertisers keep getting slapped.

I don’t know what the landscape is going to look like 10 years from now, but there’s definitely a migration that’s been happening, of fewer people on Facebook, more people on Instagram, more people on TikTok. I think TikTok is the place everyone should be planting their flag right now. That’s what I would be pouring resources into, because that’s where the best opportunities are right now. 

Do you feel like that helps your brand if someone puts a negative duet about you? Or does it hurt your reputation? 

Duets are different because you’re not able to defend yourself in the comment section, but you can kind of share your opinion back. 

Do they hurt the brand? Do they help the brand? I think if anyone here is doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing, then it could be bad for your brand if it gets out there. Warren Buffett has this great quote, he says don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to show up in tomorrow’s newspaper, on the front page. Just don’t do anything that if it was in tomorrow’s newspaper and your friends and family saw it, you would not be happy about it – in your private life – don’t do anything that would do that.

There’s a couple ways you can go about it. For one, you could do a duet back, and have some fun with it. If you were going to do that, I would take the stance of, “You’re adorable.” That would be my frame. “You’re adorable. You take everything I say so seriously, because you value me so much, and I really respect that about you. So, I hope you’re doing great and keep taking everything I say completely seriously and take all of it at face value.” Just super sarcastic. You roast them a little bit. 

So that’s one way you could go, or you could just ignore it, or if you take it as a joke, and that’s your frame, then that’s how everyone else is going to take it.

What is the best way to build a massive email list? 

I have the following, but I don’t own the following, and could get shut down. It’s on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites. I’m trying to build a list because then I actually have a business and I can create more products, follow up them, nurture them, all that kind of stuff. What’s the best way to be able to do that with lead magnets to be able to get people to opt in so you can actually get those digital assets like phone numbers, emails, and applications?

Here’s the only change we made. Just on Instagram, we started adding like 600 or 700 email opt-ins a day, just by this one change.

All we do now is when you go through the chat, we ask you a couple questions to set you and then we say, “Awesome, so I have a video I want you to watch. Is it cool if I send it over?” “Yeah, it’s cool.” “All right, great. So in case I lose you over chat, what’s your email? I’ll send you the video there too.” And then they just give us their email. And then we send them the video in the DM and an autoresponder goes to them and sends them the video there too. So before they book the appointment, just grab their email under the frame of, “In case I lose you.”

And you can send them integrations in Instagram, where when they type their email into you in the chat, it can auto-add them to an email list.

There’s also ManyChat for Instagram now. We’ve been using it for a couple months. I think it was in beta, and it’s public now so you can just sign up and use it. But it’s great. They type us their email in the chat and then it grabs it and it goes and does miracles for us.

And, if you connect your Facebook page to your Instagram, there’s a feature inside Pages, called messages. All your Instagram messages auto-populate inside of Facebook, so you can manage all the messages from your desktop instead of inside of Instagram. From that Facebook desktop view, you can create folders, and you can tag people. So this person is in, say, “booked appointments,” “didn’t book appointments,” “haven’t messaged in 30 days,” etc., and you can start to organize them that way.

Published December 7th, 2021