Kevin Adler & Abstract Plan To Release ‘One Day’ on January 28th

Independent musician Kevin Adler has been making great strides in his musical career since he made his debut to all major streaming platforms almost 3 years ago. The artist is known for reaching beyond the norm while expanding his sound into different genres of rap including pop-rap, EDM rap, and lo-fi hip hop.

His single ‘Met You’ with RYVN helped expand his audience even further, amassing over 1 million streams to date on Spotify. Since then the artist has collaborated with J-Wright and Jerome The Prince among others gaining even more traction organically through social media.

The artist’s next release is in collaboration with Abstract and The CrushBoys. The song will be titled ‘One Day’ and is set for release on January 28th. ‘One Day’ will be a hybrid of catchy pop and modern rap, clashing elements of emotional lyricism with warm instrumentation. “The song was written to inspire those who don’t love themselves,” explained Adler.

Adler plans to drop even more music in the new year after his next single ‘One Day’. He wants to continue to work with new artists and push his agenda of reaching others through his lyrics.

January 28th. Be sure to save the date.

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Published January 8th, 2022