Learn about the top 10 qualities necessary to be successful in business

Being successful in business doesn\’t just depend on the sales you generate. You can even be a master at designing sales strategies, but if you don\’t have qualities that help you deal with people or maintain a positive attitude, for example, it is quite likely that you will not achieve the desired success.


For Roby Peñacastro Ortega , CEO of Leadsales , the \humility to ask for help when we do not have the answer, the resilience to face obstacles in the entrepreneurial path and the hunger to learn and improve every day\, are three qualities necessary to be successful in business.

That is why, this time, I invite you to know the top 10 qualities necessary to be successful in business , which were shared by different business and startup founders. It is worth noting that, to a large extent, the success of your venture will depend on your skills as a leader and an entrepreneur.

The top 10 qualities necessary to be successful in business

1. “ Persistence ”, Marcelo de la Garza Clariond, co-founder of Gesta Labs

You have to be persistent, but open to making changes to your business model. This will help you not to collapse before the obstacles or problems that may arise when undertaking your project, and thus achieve the established goals.

2. “ Leadership ”, Luis X Barrios, founder and CEO of Arkangeles

Knowing how to lead and guide your team is essential. You must have a connection with your work team, believe in them and motivate them, that will give better results in productivity. You have to work to be a leader and not a boss.

3. “ Discipline ”, Ivan Lozano, CEO of Talentum

Discipline is a quality that, if you don\’t have it, you have to develop in order to be a good entrepreneur and have the success you want with your business. This quality consists of a habit under which norms and rules are created in one\’s behavior and attitude. With her hand in hand you can achieve a positive effect on the project you are undertaking.

4. “ Focus ”, Axel Olivella Davalos, co-founder and director of business development at Spot²

Staying focused on the objectives allows the entrepreneur not to diversify the business activity too much and, as a consequence, not to lose the focus of the business. One of the most common causes why small and medium-sized companies disappear without first having achieved success is because they are dispersed in many activities, wanting to cover more in the market. This is where they lose the original focus of the company. For this reason, it is important to have a unique approach.

5. “ Imagination ”, Alan Miranda, CEO and co-founder of Digital Lab Agency

An entrepreneur must have imagination, since through it he will be able to create good and new ideas, as well as products or services to market. It is not only about inventing things, it is also important to propose new or different perspectives of what already exists, always looking for differentiation.

6. \ Do not stress, but look for solutions \, Marcelo Gómez Sada, CEO of Tendencys Innovations

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you learn to manage stress, since without health you will not be able to manage your entrepreneurship and make your business grow. Therefore, work on reducing stress every day and focus on finding solutions that bring you closer to achieving your goals.

7. “ Empathy ,” Carla Cassanello, Vice President of SheWorks!

Putting yourself in the place of others to understand their needs will help you to create bonds with people. If you are empathetic, you will be able to connect with your work team and with your clients. Entrepreneurs who want to be successful in business must put aside their ego and work more on interacting with others.

8. “ Passion for what you do ”, Ruben Ariff Alatorre Bernal, CEO of AlfonsoMarina

A good entrepreneur must feel passion and enthusiasm for carrying out his business idea. And it is that only people who are passionate about achieving their dream can go a long way. It should be noted that during the tour different difficulties will arise and the only way to face and deal with them is going to be by loving what you do. The passion for the work you do is what sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the rest.

9. “ Paciencia ”, Emmanuel Pérez, CEO of Dominican Beard Club

You have to be patient and trust. A good business does not start overnight and, many times, you will have to work by trial and error. Facing adversity and trying again and again will be vital to being successful with your business.

10. “ Being self-taught ”, Alejandra Jeugmans, Co-Founder of Grupo TOA

Having a professional career and specializations is very important, but studying and updating on your own shows that you are a professional on the move, that you are in constant search of new knowledge and that you are determined to learn.

If you don\’t have any of these qualities yet, don\’t worry. You can work and develop them little by little, yourself, with the help of experts or through a course or workshop.

As Rodrigo Saavedra , Investment Analyst at SV Links Angels says, the important thing is “ to have determination. Remember that successful entrepreneurs are those who start with real businesses and who never give up trying. So if you have an idea, work on it and make it come true!