List of jobs with highest compensation growth in 2021

The hot job market—characterized by shortages in talent and supplies, hiring managers struggling to fill roles, and worker resignations—has created exciting opportunities for new employees. But which industries are showing the most promise?

Payscale, the software company that offers employee salary surveys, has released its annual list of what it calls the “hottest” jobs, drawing on crowdsourced data from its millions of employee-created profiles. For this year’s list, the company reviewed 865,000 salary profiles of U.S. workers between October 2020 and October 2021.

The company broke down its characterization of the most-coveted roles by three rankings: “Profile growth for job seekers” (industries targeted by Payscale users who joined the platform specifically to look for a job), “overall profile growth” (industries that garnered the most interest around compensation across all Payscale’s job-seeker profiles), and “fastest wage growth.” Below are some of the top jobs of 2021 in each category:

Jobs with the highest interest by new job seekers:

  • Beauty consultant
  • Senior data engineer
  • Senior recruiter
  • Recruiting coordinator
  • Retail sales associate

Jobs with the highest interest by overall profiles:

  • Manager of customer success team
  • Team leader of sales, retail
  • Diversity manager
  • Sales advisor
  • Email marketing specialist

Jobs with the fastest wage growth according to Payscale survey respondents:

  • Media director
  • Bartender
  • Chief engineer
  • Director of e-commerce
  • Insurance broker

Read Payscale’s complete “hottest jobs report” for 2021, here.