Meet Abdulwahab Alkandri, Dentist and ITI Director

Abdulwahab Alkandri is a renowned dentist having a great experience for working in the hospital and healthcare industry. He is a specialized doctor in periodontal surgery and dental implants in OUHSC periodontics, Patient Education, and Clinical Research.

Alkandri is known for his passion, extremely hard work, and motivation to give opportunities to young blood to serve the patients and provide services to the patients through the best possible treatment.


Abdulwahab Alkandri received his high school education from Kuwait English School, Doctor of Medicine (M.D) – Dentistry degree from Charles University in Prague from 2004-2011. To obtain his master’s degree in periodontics, he joined the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2015. The degree continued for three years in which he obtained vast experience and knowledge in periodontal disease treatment in both non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery procedures.

Professional Experience

The professional experience of Abdulwahab Alkandri is quite astonishing and impressive. He started his career from being an intern in Dental Private Clinic for 3 years. Later in 2012, he joined as MDDR in Kuwait Health Ministry 2012 and also worked there for over 3 years.

In July 2015, Alkandri gained vast experience in periodontal disease treatment in both non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery procedures at the University of Oklahoma where he gained extensive experience for 3 years in gum graft surgery, laser treatment, dental crown lengthening and implants, pocket reduction, plastic surgery, bone augmentation, and other procedures.

Afterward, Abdulwahab Alkandri worked as a specialist in periodontology and implant surgery at the Ministry of Health Kuwait for over a year, Arkan Dental Center at Aljahra Kuwait for 2 years, and Dasman Dental Clinic working since June 2019.

He has also been working as a faculty coordinator at Kuwaiti Board in Advanced General Dentistry since October 2019, responsible for the periodontology and implant surgery. He is currently serving International Team for Implantology (ITI) Kuwait as a club director in Implantology.

Some other renowned experiences of Alkandri include:

  • Member of American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) since 2015
  • Member and presenter in Southwest Society of Periodontists (SWSP) since 2015
  • Member and presenter in International Team of Implantology (Oklahoma branch) since 2015
  • Member of the American Board of Periodontology and Implant Surgery 2018

Something about ITI

The ITI is a global association of professionals in implant dentistry. The objectives of the ITI include the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about implant dentistry and related fields for the benefit of patients. The organization has currently over 18,000 fellows and members from over 100 countries. The department of implantology at ITI is run by Alkandri as a director and has achieved milestones for years.

The Mission of Abdulwahab Alkandri

The biggest mission of Alkandri through ITI is to ensure the highest possible standards of continuing education within implant dentistry and to provide wider possible access to patients to get the benefits from ITI’s treatment, education, and philosophies.

This is achieved by coordinating educational products, activities, and tools, and taking steps to develop experienced dentists in implant dentistry. The organization also provides grants to those who are interested in research into implant dentistry, helps them identify relevant areas of investigation or gaps in current knowledge, and supports publication and dissemination of the acquired results.

ITI’s Global Network

Alkandri invites the new applicants to join ITI that is always open to give opportunities by organizing educational events, publications, and e-learning opportunities. The overall mission is to form the core of the organization by playing an active role in shaping the future of implant dentistry. The organization expects a high level of activity from its members in any of the 3 fields such as education, leadership, or research in a professional dental organization.

As per the desires of Abdulwahab Alkandri, the biggest leverage that the organization provides to its professionals is that they can stimulate their activities in their language, country, or origin.

Several countries enjoy the membership of ITI’s Section such as Austria, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Middle East, Russia, the USA, and several others. These include over 1200 fellows and 31 sections so far that are expected to increase in the future.

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Published December 17th, 2021