Nafiscw’s “In Too Deep” Takes Listeners on a Wild Ride.

Our hopes were significantly exceeded by “In Too Deep.” Nafiscw’s new song has propelled him to popularity, establishing him as one of the genre’s most influential musicians. The rest of the world must keep a close eye on him.

The three songs on Nafiscw’s most recent EP are “Below Zero,” “Well Rested,” and “In Too Deep.” Each of the three songs tackles a different aspect of a person’s emotional state. Given the captivating sounds, it’s no wonder that you’ll want to listen to each song many times.

Nafiscw’s tracks combine a wide range of sounds that do not appear to be capable of producing anything significant on their own. He composes songs and beats that make listeners want to dance. However, after you hear it, you’ll realize that the sounds couldn’t possibly have been blended any other way. The musical skills and expertise of Nafiscw may be heard in his compositions.

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Published November 19th, 2021