Patryk Tracz Announces his Arrival With his new hit Track, \Next Time\

Tracz has recently released his best. With its catchy song and beats, “Next Time” has been breaking records all over the Internet. On Spotify alone, the song has a thousand plays. The trend appears to be unstoppable.

Patryk has an artist’s eye. With his work, it was clear. Then again, we’ve seen a different side of him lately. We can now tell that he has musical talent as well. He has a knack for writing catchy tunes that have a loyal following. We feel a connection to them on a deeper level. Because of this, he stands out from the rest of the pack.

It’s clear that Rumor Records has done an excellent job with “Next Time.” Care and attention have been given to the track by these people. As a result, their efforts are clearly visible.

Get “Next Time” on Spotify today. Every single day, the song continues to rise in the charts. Patryk will most doubt continue to produce top-notch work in the future.

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Published December 31st, 2021