Real Estate Investor Turned Musician Josh Kilby Drops ‘Run It Up’

Josh Kilby has already conquered social media as a real estate guru and motivational business coach. Kilby has amassed more than one hundred thousand followers on his personal Instagram, giving himself his own unique platform.

In order to use that platform wisely, Kilby decided it was time to start showing his followers more of his passions. The musician and brand curator released ‘Run It Up’, a trap song featuring a few of the local MCs in his area. ‘Run It Up’ offers a high-energy listen, perfect for the road between looking at properties in every real estate guru’s day-to-day life.

“I wanted to give my peers something different than they would have expected from me”, explained Kilby who made his debut to Spotify just earlier this year. “I’ve always loved music, it’s always been a passion of mine. To be able to share it in my own way is really dope.”

You can listen to Kilby here

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Published December 31st, 2021