Rojah Larue: Next Up From Florida

Arcadia, Florida based hip hop artist Rojah Larue has slipped his way into the conversation of top artists coming out of the southeast.

Larue started recording music two years ago, falling in love with the process of making music right away. The artist has been actively pursuing a career in music ever since, gaining some traction independently. 

The artist’s melodic flow, good beat choices, and songwriting ability have all come together to form a distinct sound. Larue’s top song, ‘Same Clothes,’ has amassed over 400K listens on Spotify alone, marking an impressive number for an independent recording artist. 

Larue, in 2021 has released two singles but mentioned he has big plans to drop a project by the end of the year. And while no one has an exact date on the release, we can only assume it’ll be released soon.  

You can listen to Larue here:

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Published November 14th, 2021