Round up: 2021 TikTok career advice

For Gen Z, TikTok is the go-to destination for all things entertainment. Beyond the pranks, choreographed dances, and weekly trends, however, people are finding nuggets of gold: real life advice. For those jumping into the professional world, TikTok can be a great resource with interesting perspectives and unique tips that you probably won’t hear from your typical career advisor.

TikTok life and career coach @emilybrucesky recommends compiling a list of all the things you do on the job. This master list can help you reach out to your manager if you need help prioritizing assignments, and it’s also useful when you need to update your résumé or negotiate a pay raise because it allows you to point to concrete examples of what you have delivered. Having a complete understanding of your skillset and all that you have accomplished will help you move up the professional ladder.

3. Verbalize assignments back to your supervisor

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It’s easy to misunderstand assignments, especially when you’re still adjusting to a new role. Kelly of @holistic_career_chica, recommends repeating every task back to your manager to outline what you think they expect from you and avoid things getting lost in translation. If you didn’t understand an ask fully the first time, this gives your supervisor a chance to explain the task in other words, and maybe even share a few pointers with expectations they didn’t include the first time.

Instead of thinking of your supervisor as an authoritative boss, @swangxswang recommends reframing your perspective and viewing them as your career coach. If you think of a manager as only a boss who hands out assignments and judges your performance, you miss the opportunity to build a relationship with them and learn from their years of experience on the job.

7. Be cognizant of people trying to put extra work on your plate

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It can be intimidating to say “no” early on in your career. @emilybrucesky reminds viewers that it’s okay to ask your manager for help prioritizing the asks of other coworkers and setting boundaries when taking on new projects. The career coach warns that some people will try to take advantage of new workers and that it is important to recognize this early on and learn how to say “no” when you have too much on your plate.