Ryan the Dealer Makes a Name for Himself With the Release of his Brand-new Single “Phenomena”

The origins of house music may be traced in a multitude of locations. Some argue that Miami is the birthplace of house music since it has multiple parties each year.

Others may argue otherwise. Whatever the exact location is, listening to Ryan the Dealer’s new song “Phenomena” may give us an idea of what it used to be like. Listeners are transported back in time to experience the originals through the music.

Ryan, a newcomer to music production, has made a name for himself by giving his audience what they want. Everyone wants a new point of view, a unique approach to music. Ryan breaks the mold by disclosing the typical form. Fans were unclear what to make of it at first, but they have gradually come to appreciate “Phenomena ‘s” majesty.

The song “Phenomena” pays homage to the original style of the music. It is not, however, a note-for-note copy of what previously existed; rather, it respects the recordings of the past while adding Ryan’s own touch to them. As a result, while preserving the essence of dance music, the music is enjoyable, interesting, and calming to listen to.

You may listen to Ryan’s new track here:


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Published November 20th, 2021