Secrets to Successful Mini Storage Facilities

Mini storages have existed for a long time, and are, like all other businesses, constantly changing. One of the biggest developments that have been happening lately is the use of apps. These apps, and other changes, are altering the way that mini storages are run, and how clients make use of them. Therefore, I want to share with you, some of the secrets to successful mini storage facilities, based on my research and various interviews.

One of my favorite parts of freelancing at Influencive is how much insight I get into the world of different businesses and how they thrive. Previously, I wrote an article on running a successful dental practice. Today, you’ll be getting one on taking your existing mini storage to the next level.

Steps to Mini Storage Success

It is no secret that the competition for contracts to operate mini storage facilities in high-traffic areas is fierce. However, there are some simple things that successful facility owners do to ensure long-term success, and that other owners can learn from.

Below, I might touch on a few things you’re already doing, and that’s okay – you can discard these. For the things that you aren’t already doing, however, I would advise you to think about how you can incorporate these tips into your existing mini-storage facility.

1. Keep Cleaning Your Facility

Yes, I know it’s boring, but it’s also essential. It doesn’t matter what type of mini storage you have; it will always need cleaning and maintenance without fail, to keep it running in tip-top shape. This is as true for storages as it is for anything.

2. Get the Right Equipment 

If you don’t have the right tools and equipment in your facilities – such as functioning locks and ventilation systems to keep moisture away – then you’re just wasting time and money, when there is plenty more out there that will work better than what you currently have.

3. Go Digital

The mini-storage facilities that receive the most business have their own website; even better, an app. Some apps, like the one provided by the mini storage facility Flexistore in Oslo, Norway, offer a digital key that clients can use to easily open their storage rooms. This takes away the hassle of forgetting one’s keys, as people are much more likely to forget their keys than their phones.

4. Make Sure Your Signs are Easy to Read, Colorful, and Relevant

When you’re advertising, you want your signs to be easy to read and not hard on the eyes. It should also be colorful and relevant to what you’re selling, so that people know what they can gain from your business. Some things to keep in mind is that you want to use simple, big fonts that are super-clear, as well as colors that go nicely together – such as black and yellow, or green and white.

5. Invest in Professional Marketing – You’ll Need It!

Marketing is an essential part of any business and without effective marketing, it is easier for companies to fail. Paying a reasonable sum upfront to professionals will take away the inconvenience of learning it on your own (and all the trial and error that’s required to do it well). This way, you’ll have more time to focus on my last piece of advice.

6. Provide Exceptional Service

It is important to understand what is expected of you when you are in charge of renting out space for storage. Your main goal should always be to provide exceptional service with respect to the standards of the storage industry, as well as for your particular customers. Doing so will help your business grow and thrive in this competitive market.

Published November 28th, 2021