Shawn Khares’s “Read My Mind” feels like a reflection of fans’ thoughts

“Read My Mind” has surpassed all expectations, breaking new streaming records. Shawn’s name has become well-known as a result of this song, and his career has taken off. His name has become well-known all around the globe.

This year, Shawn published a three-song EP. On its own, each of these songs is performing exceptionally well. The song “Read My Mind” seems to be the most popular of the bunch. With this song, Shawn has absolutely exceeded himself, and we commend him.

By incorporating instruments and other noises, Shawn is able to create melodies that grab the listener’s attention and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Shawn is known for his electronic dance music (EDM)-influenced house music. These songs are composed in such a way that when they are heard, the listener will be able to dance to the music. The song “Read My Mind” is a good example of this.

Listen to “Read My Mind” on Spotify:

Published December 6th, 2021