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DMTV Milkshake’s first guest is Jennifer Rittner, design educator, writer, and founder of strategic communications agency Content Matters. Jennifer’s work centers mainly on the intersections between design and social justice, equity, and representation. During her DMTV Milkshake interview, Jennifer discusses the importance and meaning of design for social impact work and how designers and firms can effectively contribute their resources to support social justice movements like the fight against police brutality and the movement to abolish systemic racism.

Jennifer’s recent written work explores the need for design educators, organizations, and leaders to collectively, “build a coordinated curriculum that addresses American racism in all the ways it is designed,” and identifies essential steps the design industry needs to take in order to, “embed equity, inclusion and representation into our collective mission” rather than continuing to focus on diversity as a separate initiative. Similar topics, such as the common practice of “performance empathy” in design, are discussed in a virtual panel Jennifer moderated for NYCxDesign, which you can view here.

In addition to her work as a communications strategist and writer, Jennifer teaches Design and Social Justice in SVA’s Products of Design MFA program and wrote the integrated design curriculum for the Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design’s AP Human Geography program, developed in conjunction with Sinclair Smith of the SVA Groundfloor Incubator and Noel Wiggins of Areaware. This summer, she is launching the Colloquium for International Graduate Students at SVA, which introduces incoming international students to life in NYC through a design lens.

View Jennifer’s DMTV Milkshake episode above, then check out the rest of the series here.

Business Achievement Awards

Being the minimalists we are, a multi-functional product rarely goes unnoticed. Which is exactly what caught our eye about Mininch (“mini-inch”). They craft compact tools that have been designed down to the very last detail of efficiency and elegance, and the cherry on top is that they’re so small they’ll fit right inside your bag. Mininch has reinvented the screwdriver to handle all repairs with one tool, created a multi-functional portable wrench, and designed a mini tool pen with interchangeable bits that can be switched out like pen refills. Who knows what type of sophisticated tool with a tiny footprint they’ll come up with next?! We can’t wait to find out.

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Business Achievement Awards

Business Achievement Award

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