The 15 emotional factors that can tell you that it would not be your thing

Today\’s world seems to be divided between those who are employees and those who are entrepreneurs. However, it is rarely stated clearly that not everyone is good at entrepreneurship , and that there are many more people willing to earn a fixed salary at the end of the month, than to risk having their own business.

One of the reasons we know who we are is that we are constantly in a battle against our inner selves, which tells us that many of the ideas we have are impossible or crazy. Sometimes it is the outside world, which tries to convince us that we are just one more person, unimportant, and against everyone. Others are the particular problems that affect us and confuse us. And we overcome: there is a manifest strength that helps us move forward.

Although the truth is that entrepreneurship is not for everyone . But why not? Let\’s analyze this aspect.

While the word entrepreneurship is attractive and makes us think of positive achievements, not everyone is ready for this kind of challenge.

A person who is willing to undertake must have, in addition to their ideas, an open mind, the necessary skills to do so, minimal capital or knowing how to find financing, leadership, innovation and communication skills, and, fundamentally, emotional balance .

Your thing would not be to undertake if …

Far from wanting to destroy your dreams and entrepreneurship goals, it is necessary to focus on realistic aspects that I myself have been able to experience in my life, starting different types of projects: from a small recording studio for advertising jingles and radio programs, to a great public relations company. So I know what it is to be an entrepreneur, because I have been an entrepreneur since childhood.

Here are 15 indicators that it would not be yours to undertake, so that you can know them and put them on your inner scale.

Remember: it is not about discouraging you, but I want to help you deepen your self-analysis to know if facing an undertaking would be right for you:

1. If you can\’t tolerate pressure

Having your own business places all the responsibilities on your shoulders, and there are times when this implies great pressure to obtain results, close negotiations and cover many aspects at the same time.

2. If you can\’t stand the uncertainty

Any business, no matter how promising, has a big question mark in front of it. If you are one of the people who prefer stability, perhaps undertaking would not be your thing because most often you will have to navigate in uncertain waters most of the time.

3. If you can\’t stand that the whole business depends on you

The entrepreneurial role implies a high responsibility over the total business, even if you have partners and staff. If it seems exhausting just thinking about it, consider carefully if you really are able to bear it.

4. If you don\’t have time to dedicate

Many people want to start out of their stable job. In fact, I did when I started my first businesses. The point is that entrepreneurship in a competitive world like the current one takes you all the time. If you don\’t have 24/7, it is difficult for you to keep up with the growth rate you would like for your startup.

5. If you don\’t accept failures

As the risk is always latent, if you are a person who would not tolerate that things go badly, it would be preferable that you do not undertake; because although you learn from failure, there are personalities who have a hard time seeing the failed experience from that perspective.

6. If you are very emotional and everything weakens you

Another aspect to take into account is that of emotions, because when undertaking in many moments it will be necessary to get cold and calculating. After all, it\’s about running your business. If you have not worked on your emotions enough, or you feel fragile at the first inconvenience that arises, perhaps you should consider how to handle this situation if you want to undertake.

7. If you don\’t know how to organize your time

This aspect is essential for the spirit of people with their own business. There are so many tasks and responsibilities that you will have to juggle to manage your schedule and commitments. Because having disorganization will not only lead to chaos in your operation, but it will make you lose a lot of money.

8. If you like to work alone

There are practically no jobs where the person who undertakes may not depend on anyone. The most usual thing is that you need cooperation, exchange and collaboration with other people. If your thing is exclusively to do it alone and your way, maybe entrepreneurship is not a good idea, unless you decide to train your social skills.

9. If you are not passionate about continuing to train

Another important key is that of continuous improvement. Just as in a company where you are on a fixed salary they sometimes provide training for staff, when undertaking you need to update yourself continuously. Training is strategic to have a competitive advantage in a market that can really be very tough, and if you are not willing to invest in it, you could be left out of the market.

10. If you don\’t know how to communicate well with others

The quality of transmitting your ideas and your passion, whether to the team that accompanies you, to your clients and suppliers, and to the market in general, is essential for the success of any endeavor. Many start out thinking that you just need a good idea, but it is much more than that: you need to make yourself known and interact daily, all the time. If you want to remain anonymous and cannot properly bond with other people, you will have serious difficulties in your role as an entrepreneur.

11. If you don\’t accept that you can go bankrupt

In any business there is always a latent risk that it will not go well for you. So if this aspect terrifies you, and even more so if you do not have any support, you may think twice before facing your own project.

12. If you are not willing to work every day of the week, all year long

Above I mentioned the arduous dedication required to undertake. It is very easy to get up, stick to a schedule, and go home. Now, when those hours are 24 hours a day, and it can take two or three years, or more, until you have a certain organization to have personal time, things can get complicated and weaken what you thought was a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

13. If you don\’t want to carry many responsibilities

Another classic of the people I know is that they say on the one hand that they would like to undertake, although on the other they are not willing to assume the responsibilities of all aspects. It is not compatible or feasible to just enjoy the beauty and enjoyment of undertaking, if you do not assume the other part.

14. If you don\’t have self control when things get off course

Emotional maturation is another decisive aspect when it comes to undertaking. For example, if you are a person with emotions that are too raw, who constantly cries, or who explodes with anger out of nowhere, undertaking would not be for you, because daily things may go off course, and you must have the appropriate skills. to face them assertively.

15. If you think that nobody does it better than you

The foundational aspect of any business is mostly an idea. And this makes it especially valuable, since not all people are encouraged to put them into practice. The point here is that if you think that the only enlightened mind is yours, you will end up in loneliness, helplessness and a feeling of abandonment. If, in addition, you are ultra demanding with yourself and with the team, and you think that nobody does it better than you, possibly you are not here to start or head your own project. In these cases I know people who have looked for complementary partners to carry out their ideas.

A final reflection before you give up your ideas to undertake

I know that everything I shared with you today may sound hard to you; although I prefer to do it this way, so that you consider each of these points in depth.

It is not about starting something and abandoning it after three months: undertaking is a life project in itself.

Of course, it all depends on your personality, enthusiasm, desire, resources, and, above all, the internal strength you have.

Nobody says you can\’t do it; only that it may help you to know the \B side\ of entrepreneurship, so that you better prepare yourself, or look for the necessary resources so that the process does not fail before starting.

I know hundreds of examples of people with many of the limiting conditions that I have shared here, and who, nevertheless, have their super successful businesses in different countries: the key is that they have worked on themselves, molded their temperament, personality and skills, and permanently advanced.

If they can, so can you, if you decide to immerse yourself in these fifteen points and overcome them. And that depends exclusively on you.