The top 6 smart gardening gadgets

Few of us would have thought we’d spend 2020 locked away inside our apartments and houses. Some of us are working remotely as the economy gradually reopens. The good news? If you live in an area where you can start a garden, it’s now easier than ever to monitor the soil, prep for seed planting with electronic tools, and even order seeds from an online shop.

These are the top six \smart\ gardening gadgets Fox News has compiled:

1. Ego Power+ Cultivator Attachment


Start with the basics — a cultivator to prep the soil for planting. This tiller attachment works with the Ego Power+ Multi-Head System. It has 9.5-inch tines and runs on battery power so no need for gas or power cords. There are also attachments for a weed whacker and trimmers.

2. Orbit B-Hyve XR Sprinkler Timer

The smartest gadget we’ve found for smart gardens? This sprinkler timer from Orbit connects to your Wi-Fi signal — the app lets you automate watering cycles. The device adjusts to weather conditions and won’t run if it rains. (Expect some shipping delays due to COVID-19.)

3. 4-in-1 Soil Tester

Checking the soil helps you find out when to plant (based on soil temperature), what to plant in the garden and how much watering you might need to do. This electronic sensor has an 8-inch probe and shows all of the soil data on a bright, readable display.


4. Stihl HSA 25 Battery-Powered Garden Shears

Another clever product for a super-smart garden, these battery-powered shears can help you trim pesky weeds. The device runs for about 120 minutes per charge. There’s an attachment for dealing with larger shrubs in your yard, as well.

5. Seedsheet

One of the cool things about this product is that you can design your own layout. It’s a thin layer of protective material with the seed pods already embedded. At, you can pick the seeds you want and decide what plants will grow next to each other.

6. Rise Gardens Indoor Garden

If you don’t quite have the space to plant a garden in your yard, this indoor garden system is the perfect alternative. An app lets you automate watering, lighting (using LED lights) and the nutrients. You can grow lettuce, kale, tomatoes and much more.

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