The Young Mastermind Behind “The Daily Traders” Shares Some Industry Wisdom

The recent explosion in the popularity of cryptocurrency and stocks among younger generations has given rise to entrepreneurs such as the owner of The Daily Traders. The young man behind the company keeps his name and roots private yet sat down to speak on his success and schedule in a personal interview.

After finding interest in trading and the world of investing around 2016, he traded cryptocurrency until 2018, when he also broke into the stock market and has been trading full time ever since. He spoke about the reward of his job, saying, “I like being able to wake up in the morning and know that I don’t have a job I have to run off to or a boss I have to listen to. It’s just me and my computer.

I’m in charge of myself, and that’s the best feeling in the world. To a certain degree, I decide how much money I make. It’s not like a stable nine-five, but I’d rather have the potential to make $1,000,000 a year compared to being locked into a salary of say $50-$150k a year. One of the biggest things that attracted me to trading in the first place was the fact that I could make as much money as I wanted. Having this endless potential is very rare among any job out there.”

His own personal success, which included moving to Los Angeles, living on his own in Beverly Hills, purchasing an Audi R8, and becoming a stock market millionaire, has been spurred by his willingness to sacrifice anything to achieve his dreams. He gave up his social life in high school to chase his passion, and now, though working 10-12 hours a day, he can go anywhere at any time and do as he wish.

He began his company The Daily Traders to inspire and educate others and currently runs the company by creating video lectures and managing a Discord server in which he breaks down his entire trading system and works one on one with clients to bring mutual success. The young owner explained the nuances of his business model. “I teach my students what it takes to become a million-dollar trader.

At the same time, I give members the ability to make money alongside myself. I share my personal trades, including entries and exits, in real-time throughout the day. This does not only help members directly make money when I do but also proves to them that their mentor is successful in the field.

Anyone can post a screenshot of trading gains after the fact, but little to no one can actually be as transparent as I am and post their trades live. The important thing to understand is that at the end of the day, a callouts group (where traders are blindly following random analysts’ trades) is not going to do you any good in the long run.”

Dedication and vision have been key in bringing the company and its head to where they are. He says, “In short, I’ve made it here all on my own with a lot of determination, motivation, and many sleepless nights.” This is a winning formula for any entrepreneur just starting in a given industry and has a clear, proven track record. The Daily Traders will continue to grow and inspire along the way.

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Published November 23rd, 2021