There is already a physical Shein store in Oaxaca … or something like that

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It is not new that Shein\’s online Chinese store is gaining momentum . It continues marking its passage in Aztec lands. However, there is a sector, either because they do not have confidence to buy clothes online or the shipments do not reach their locality, they make orders to \distributors\ (not authorized), better known as nenis . But one of them went even further by setting up her own shop.

TikTok @aliolivera_lpz

In San José del Pacífico, located in the Southern Sierra of Oaxaca, is the store \Shein\ to which a user of the TikTok platform made a video that went viral.

\When you thought you saw everything … In the depths of the town #nenis,\ he wrote in the clip.


When you thought you saw everything … In the most remote part of town ## nenis

original sound – Fernando Nava

In addition, it is possible to appreciate the legend \I already have your order, neni!\, This as a reference to the women who are dedicated to selling their products online becoming entrepreneurs, which increased during the pandemic, to support themselves financially.

So far the audiovisual material has 1.3 million views on TikTok, but it was also shared by an Instagram page called I nventadas.inventadas , with which almost 200 thousand views were added.

The comments on the case were mostly positive. @Danygolosina said “A chingona, the one who put it. May your business be filled with many sales ”. Another commented, “Those are the people who fight for their dreams. Without fear of success ”.

And although the brand is famous, it does not have physical stores. It has only set up a Pop-Up store twice to get closer to its consumer. But, in this type of business it is common with intermediaries that help women to find their favorite garment. Shein only operates through an ecommerce .

Do you think it is a good idea to open a store of this style?