These 3 Strategies Can Help You Land a Better Job

This business founder says it\’s important to learn how to brand yourself as a candidate, figure out online applications and prepare psychologically for interviews.

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When James Nicholas Kinney started to see people laid off and furloughed due to COVID-19, he jumped into action and started a company, and an audio course called Six Figure Jobs. \As an HR executive, I know first-hand that there is a glass ceiling associated with making six figures for many Americans,\ he told Jessica Abo. 

Kinney\’s course walks people through three modules: branding yourself as a candidate, how online applications and platforms work and interview psychology. For the past 15 years, Kinney had an up-close view of how companies function while working as a bi-coastal HR executive, author and speaker who uses neuroscience, emotional intelligence and performance psychology.

This month, Kinney took to the streets and organized a Peace Walk in Santa Monica to protest racial disparity throughout the country. CEOs and top company leaders are now leaning on him to improve their own internal cultures.

\Since George Floyd died, it is apparent that now more than ever we need to help all people, black people, people of color and women have a chance to get ahead in this world through economic freedom and choice. A six-figure job can do just that,\ he said. \Last week, I had a lot of colleagues around the world come to me and ask for advice, so I created a free training to help workplaces have conversations around race.\

Those interested in Kinney\’s presentation can reach out on LinkedIn or attend his free unemployment and resume clinic on June 25th, available on his website

Kinney says if you want to stand out right now, \add to your skillset consistently, whether through online education, workshops and classes.\ He also believes it\’s important to work on yourself. \You must show up as a six-figure person. Whether you turn to fitness, meditation, or other forms of self-care.\ Lastly, he adds, \Never believe that you are your job. You are always more than your job.\

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