These are 5 insurances that will help you take care of your business in high seasons

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The December shopping season, which begins at the end of November and ends in January, registers an increase in criminal acts against small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and against citizens in general, according to data from the Attorney General\’s Office (PGJ ) .

In this sense, it is good that SME owners take into account insurance for their businesses, which can protect their businesses against any unforeseen event, including criminal acts.

According to the National Survey of Business Victimization (ENVE), each business in the country was the victim of 2.6 crimes, on average, during the year 2019. In this context, , an online insurance quote, shares five recommendations for plans for you to take care of your business in the high seasons, like the holiday season:

1. SeguPyme and SME Multi-risk Insurance

Both protections are offered by the insurer Mapfre. The first consists of a comprehensive insurance policy designed for small businesses, industries, establishments or stores of all kinds. They can include: clothing stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, factories, offices, and other types of businesses.

While the SME Multi-risk Insurance is a broader coverage in terms of insured amounts.

2. Safe SME / Safe Company

This coverage is managed by BBVA. With it, in addition to protecting a business, advice is offered to improve it. It is directed to any establishment that has concrete walls and ceilings, that is to say, that its building is complete, it is also necessary that it be located within the national territory.

3. SME damage insurance

This insurance is coordinated by the AXA insurer and can be purchased by tenants or owners. It has different coverages that are adjusted to clients, some of them are specialized.

4. Protected Business

Protected Business is the business insurance offered by GNP Seguros. Its function is to protect establishments with commercial, industrial and service activities for amounts of up to 30 million pesos or its equivalent in dollars.

5. Cyber Risk Insurance

Finally, this insurance focuses on the cyber risks that a business can suffer and is offered by Chubb Insurance. This type of protection will help you protect sensitive information against the threat of cyber risks.

Benefits of insuring a business

According to the listing company, some of the benefits that can be obtained by insuring a business are:

  • Protection of machinery and work equipment
  • Coverage for natural events
  • Safety for employees in the event of a work incident
  • Diversity of coverage
  • Payment facilities
  • Immediate hiring
  • Orientation in business management
  • Warehouse protection

It is important to remember that before hiring insurance it is necessary to consult the requirements that each of the companies establish.