This 137-foot dinosaur may be the longest ever

Attention, elementary-school students and other dinosaur buffs.

Scientists have identified what they believe is the longest dino ever to have roamed Earth.

The Supersaurus was more than 128 feet long and maybe as many as 137 feet, according to Live Science, quoting new research by Brian Curtice, an Arizona Museum of Natural History paleontologist. The longest dino was previously thought to be the Diplodocus, which was as long as 108 feet. To put this creature’s stature in perspective, it would be longer than two and a half New York City subway cars.

The Supersaurus, which has both a long neck and a long tail, lived an estimated 150 millions years ago during the Jurassic period. (Yes, that’s how the book and the movies got their names.)

Its bones were originally discovered 49 years ago in Colorado along with a bunch of fossils. A study published by a non-paleontologist misidentified bones and only now has the confusion been straightened out.

The Supersaurus was originally thought to be 108 to 111 feet long.