This Company\’s 7-Year Journey From Kitchen to Acquisition

Schmidt\’s Naturals was founded in an economy much like the one we find ourselves in today.

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Jaime Schmidt, founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, was a guest at the most recent Startup Story Live, an extension of the hit podcast The Startup Story that gives everyone in attendance direct access to founders. The two-day live stream event, which streamed to 77 different countries, allowed founders to share the tactics and strategies they have employed to stabilize their current businesses. 

During her time at Startup Story Live, Schmidt shared the various tactics she employed in her seven-year journey of taking Schmidt’s Naturals from kitchen to acquisition. Her story is particularly relevant now, given that she started Schmidt’s Naturals one year after the worst recession in US history.

Schmidt found it important to grow the business with intention and avoid outsourcing everything. She created every product directly for the first 18-months. In this video, she lays out the customer acquisition strategy that helped her to gain the attention of big-box retailers like Whole Foods and Target. She even shares how the acquisition conversation began with Unilever.

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