This Digital Campaign Celebrates the Fast-Growing Workforce of Web Creators

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Elementor is an open-source website builder platform behind more than nine million websites. To celebrate the unsung heroes who are tasked with building the web and designing the digital world, the company launched a creative campaign to kickstart a conversation about web creators. “Coming from design, development, marketing or all three, these professionals take these skills and add a new layer to them. They ask, with a web mindset, what would work online? They are builders who create new web realities every day,” Yam Regev, Elementor’s VP of Marketing says. “This makes them multi-layered and deepens their skills beyond the traditional professions, creating a new breed of professional — the web creator, powering the digital world, one pixel at a time.”

Regev sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss Elementor’s campaign and how web creators fit into the creator economy.