This Medal of Honor Recipient Explains the Importance of Putting Your Pride to the Side

Boeing Deputy Vice Presiden Business Director Florent Groberg shares his belief that selflessness and service are key components of success.

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1 min read

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On this episode of The Playbook, Medal of Honor recipient and Boeing Deputy Vice Presiden Business Director Florent Groberg shares his insight on:

  • How the challenges he faced after immigrating to the United States helped him form a resilient mindset [2:23].
  • Why you need to put your ego and pride to the side in order to be an effective leader [4:12].
  • The one message he always shared with his teams before deploying on a mission [7:31].
  • How learning the story of how his uncle sacrificed his life for his beliefs taught him the importance of living a selfless life [14:15].

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